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1973, Belgian Comics: “De belevenissen van Jommeke” “De vruchtenmakers”

In 1973 a new "De belevenissen van Jommeke" (translation: "The Adventures of Jommeke") album is published: "De vruchtenmakers" (translation: "The Fruit Makers"). The comic series was created by Jef Nys in 1955, it was first published in "Kerkelijk Leven" (translation: "Religious Life"). In 1959 the first full length adventure appeared in the newspaper "Het Volk". After the bankrupcy of "Het Volk" in 2010, the stories were published in the newspapers "Het Nieuwsblad", "De Gentenaar" and "De Standaard". The main character is "Jommeke", an 11-year-old boy.
No 56 "De vruchtenmakers"
No 56: "De vruchtenmakers"
  • black and white
  • story and drawings by Jef Nys
  • published by "Het Volk"
  • republished in colour, 1980 by "Het Volk"
The main characters in this story are Jommeke, Flip (his parrot), Filiberke (his best friend), Theofiel (his father), Marie (his mother), professor Gobelijn, Annemieke, Rozemieke, and Choco.
Choko and Rozemieke or Annemieke
Filiberke, Flip and Jommeke
Marie (Jommeke's mother) plants a palm tree in her garden, but Filiberke (Jommeke's best friend) cuts it accidentally down. To restore the tree Jommeke calls the help of Professor Gobelijn. The professor discovers a timber growing substance...
Flip, Jommeke, Annemieke and Rozemieke
Professor Gobelijn, Jommeke and Flip
  • Jommeke has been translated into French as "Gil et Jo", in English as "Jeremy and Frankie", in German as "Peter und Alexander" and in Swedish as "Peter och Alexander".
  • The name of the main character "Jommeke" is based on a folk figure from Wilrijk (near Antwerp), the village where Jef Nys lived. 
Jommeke, Flip, Theofiel and Marie

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