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1971, Cars: Mazda Grand Familia / 808 / 818 / Mizer / Savanna / RX-3

In 1971 Japanese car maker Mazda introduced the Mazda Grand Familia. The car was initially intended as a replacement for the smaller Mazda Familia. However, with the 1970s energy crisis, the Mazda Familia stayed in production due to its fuel economy.

The new car was sold as Mazda Grand Familia in Japan, Mazda 808 in Australia, Mazda 808 (1.6 engine) or Mazda Mizer (1.3 engine) in the VS and Mazda 818 in Europe. Cars with a rotary engine were sold as Mazda Savanna in Japan and Mazda RX-3 in the rest of the world.
Mazda Grand Familia 1300 (Japan, 1971)
Mazda 808 Station Wagon (USA, 1971)
Mazda Grand Familia Coupé S (Japan, 1972)
The car was available in three body styles: a two-door coupé, a four-door sedan and a five-door station wagon. At first the Mazda Grand Famila / 808 /818 was offered with a 1.272 cc (64 kW) or 1.490 cc (68 kW) inline four cylinder engine. In 1973 the 1.490 cc engine was replaced by a 1.586 cc (74 kW) inline four cylinder engine. The Mazda Savanna / RX-3 had a 10A rotary engine with 982 cc (78 kW) (licensed from NSU), in 1973 it was replaced by the 12A rotary engine with 1.146 cc (97 kW).
Mazda Savanna Coupé (Japan, 1973)
Mazda Savanna Sedan (Japan, 1973)
Mazda RX-3 (Europe, 1975)
In 1975 the car was facelifted with round headlights and new taillights. In 1978 production ends with 625439 Mazda Grand Familia / 808 / 818 built. The Grand Familia was also produced in South Korea (Mazda license) as the Kia Brisa II / Kia K303 from 1975 to 1981.
Mazda Grand Familia Coupé (Japan, 1975)
Mazda 818 Coupé (Europe, 1976)
Mazda 818 Sedan (Europe, 1975)
Mazda 818 Station Wagon (Europe, 1975)

Commercial Mazda Savanna Coupé (Japan, 1972)

Commercial Mazda RX-3 Station Wagon (USA, 1972)
Mazda 818 (Netherlands, 1973)
Mazda 818 (Netherlands, 1975)
Mazda 818 (Netherlands, 1976)
Mazda 818 / RX-3 (Netherlands, 1973)

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