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1975, Music: "Sailor"

In 1975 the British pop group Sailor scored with three hit-singles in the charts: "Sailor", "A Glass of Champagne" and "Girls, Girls, Girls" (1975-1976). Sailor was formed in 1973 out of an earlier cooperation of the singer-songwriter duo Georg Kajanus and Phil Pickett with the addition of musicians Henry Marsh and Grant Serpell. The group's first UK single was "Traffic Jam" from their first album, Sailor. The band split up in 1978.

Netherlands: N° 2

"A Glass of Champagne"
  • Austria: N° 8
  • Germany: N° 3
  • Netherlands: N° 5
  • Switzerland: N° 3
  • UK: N° 2
Left to right: Grant Serpell, Georg Kajanus, Henry Marsh, Phil Pickett
Left to right: Phil Pickett, Henry Marsh, Georg Kajanus, Grant Serpell

"Girls, Girls, Girls"
  • Austria: N° 3
  • Germany: N° 2
  • Netherlands: N° 2
  • Switzerland: N° 2
  • UK: N° 7
Lefto to right: Henry Marsh, Georg Kajanus, Phil Pickett, Grant Serpell

Band members
  • Georg Kajanus (born Prince Georg Johan Tchegodaieff, 9 June 1946, Trondheim, Norway): lead vocals, 12-string guitars, acoustic guitars, charango, Veracruzana harp, harmonium, synthesisers, "Klockwork machinery"
  • Henry Marsh (born Ian Henry Murray Marsh, 8 December 1948, Bath, Somerset): Nickelodeon, accordion, piano, marimbas, synthesised brass and reed, synthesisers, acoustic/electric guitars, computer programming, vocals
  • Phil Pickett (born Philip Stuart Pickett, 19 November 1946, Münster, Germany): bass Nickelodeon, piano, guitarron, synthesised strings, calliope, xylophone, bass, cruz bass, Hammond organ, mandolin, autoharp, vocals
  • Grant Serpell (born Stephen Grant Serpell, 9 February 1944, Maidenhead, Berkshire): drums, percussion, vocals
Sailor: "Sailor"

Sailor: "A Glass of Champagne"

Sailor: "Girls, Girls, Girls"

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