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1961, Cars: Ford Consul Classic / Ford Consul Capri

In 1961 Ford of Britain introduces the new Ford Consul Classic (109E RHD / 110E LHD) ("Consul 315" as export version). The car was intended to fill the gap between the smaller Ford Anglia (105E) and the larger Ford (Consul) Cortina (Cortina Mk I). The car was available with two or four doors. It had a four headlamp front grille, Ford Anglia style "reverse slope" rear window and large "gull wing" tail-fins. Mechanically it was similar to the Anglia, and used a slightly larger 1340cc Ford Kent Engine.
Predecessor: Ford Consul Mk II
Prototype Ford Consul Classic: Apollo with Ford Anglia nose
Prototype Ford Consul Classic: Apollo
Ford Consul Classic 2-doors
Ford Consul Classic 4-doors
Ford Consul Classic 4-doors
After only one year in production the model was replaced by a slightly improved 116E (RHD) / 117E (LHD) with a 1500cc Ford Kent engine.

The Ford Consul Capri, codename "Sunbird", was the two-door coupé version of the Classic. The Consul Capri included four headlights, variable speed wipers, front disc brakes, dimming dashboard lights, and a cigar lighter. The four-speed transmission was available with either a column or a floor gearchange. In February 1963 a GT version became available.
Prototype Ford Consul Capri: Sunbird
Prototype Ford Consul Capri: Sunbird
Ford Consul Capri
Ford Consul Capri
The Ford Consul Classic was was replaced, after a three-year production, in 1963 by the Ford Corsair which was based on the Ford (Consul) Cortina (Cortina Mk I). Only 111,225 Classics and 18,716 Capris were produced, making it one of the rarest UK Fords.
Successor: Ford Corsair with 60s icons Jean Shrimpton and Jim Clark
Ford Consul Capri Car Test (UK, 1961)
Ford Consul Classic Car Test (UK, 1962)


  1. 'Ford Consul Capri, codename "Sunburd"': I think you mean "Sunbird". :-O

    1. Thanks for reporting the error!

  2. The Ford Consul is not the predecessor to the Consul Classic. The Consul Classic only had the Consul name in common, they aren't in the same category.