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1972, Film: “Avanti!”

On 17 December 1972 the American Italian comedy film, produced and directed by Billy Wilder, “Avanti!” is released. Main stars are Jack Lemmon and Juliet Mills. The screenplay by Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond is based on the 1968 play by Samuel Taylor.

Jack Lemmon won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, and nominations went to Billy Wilder for Best Director, Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond for Best Screenplay, Juliet Mills for Best Actress, Clive Revill for Best Supporting Actor, and the film itself for Best Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy).

Jack Lemmon as Wendell Armbruster Jr.
Juliet Mills as Pamela Piggott

The Baltimore industrialist Wendell Armbruster Jr. (Jack Lemmon) meets the London shop girl Pamela Piggott (Juliet Mills) when they come to the resort island of Ischia to pick up the bodies of her mother and his father, who have been killed in an automobile accident after a ten-year summertime affair. Wendell tries to avoid a scandal while Pamela is impressed by the romantic setting...

Jack Lemmon and Juliet Mills
Jack Lemmon and Juliet Mills

Main Cast
  • Jack Lemmon as Wendell Armbruster, Jr.
  • Juliet Mills as Pamela Piggott
  • Clive Revill as Carlo Carlucci
  • Edward Andrews as J.J. Blodgett
  • Gianfranco Barra as Bruno
  • Giselda Castrini as Anna
  • Pippo Franco as Mattarazzo
  • Janet Agren as Nurse
  • Giacomo Rizzo as Barman
  • Ty Hardin as Helicopter Pilot
  • Antonino Faà di Bruno as Concierge
  • Raffaele Mottola as Passport Officer
  • Harry Ray as Dr. Fleischmann

Jack Lemmon and Clive Revill

  • Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Actor – Musical/Comedy: Jack Lemmon (USA, 1973)

Avanti! 1972 Trailer

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