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1970, Cars: Chrysler 160 / 160 GT / 180

Chrysler Europe introduced the Chrysler 160, Chrysler 160GT and Chrysler 180 at the “Salon International d'Automobile” in October 1970. They were promoted with the slogan “An American from Paris”. The British launch took place in 1971, with only the 180 on offer. The new car was the result of the joining development efforts of the Rootes Group (UK) and Simca (France). Production started in the Simca factory in Poissy, France, and from 1975 on in Chrysler's subsidiary Barreiros' factory in Spain. A variant of the Chrysler 180 was produced in Australia from 1975 to 1978 by Chrysler Australia as the Chrysler Centura.
Predecessor: Simca 1301 (1501)
In France the car replaced the Simca 1301 / 1501 and in the UK it replaced the Humber Hawk. The 160 employed a 1632 cc unit, while the 160 GT and the 180 had the 1812 cc one. 
Chrysler 160 (1970)
Chrysler 160 GT (1970)
Chrysler 180 (1971)
In 1972 the Chrysler 2Litre was introduced at the Amsterdam Auto Show, in Brussels in January 1973 and in Britain in April 1973. This luxurious version was only available with Chrysler’s American automatic transmission and had a full length vinyl roof and spot lights as standard equipment. 

Talbot Simca 2Litre (1979)
In 1977, by then built in Spain, the names were changed to Chrysler-Simca 1609 (the former 160) Chrysler-Simca 1610 (the former 180) and the Chrysler-Simca 2Litre with a Simca badge appearing on the boot lid. 
Chrysler Centure (Australia)
Talbot Tagora
After the takeover of Chrysler Europe by PSA Peugeot Citroën, models were once again renamed as Talbot 1610/2 litres for 1979 and 1980 model years, after which the model was replaced by the Talbot Tagora. The diesel version was sold in Spain until 1982. A total of 275 000 cars were produced.

Brochure Chrysler Range 1975 (The Netherlands)

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