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1964, Music: Eurovision Song Contest

The ninth Eurovision Song Contest was held on march 21, 1964 in Copenhagen. The contest was presented by Lotte Waever and broadcast by DR (Danmarks Radio) from the Tivolis Koncertsal. Sweden did not participate because of a boycott by singers, they did however broadcast it. A political protest occurred after the Swiss entry: a man trespassed onto the stage holding a banner that read "Boycott Franco & Salazar".

Victory was for Italy with the song "Non ho l'étà" ("I'm Not Old Enough") sung by sixteen year old Gigliola Cinquetti (lyrics by Mario Panzeri, music by Nicola Salerno). She won the most crushing victory in the history of the contest, with a score almost three times that of her nearest rival.
Gigliola Cinquetti
 Gigliola Cinquetti

Earlier that year she won the Sanremo Music Festival with the same song. In 1974 she returned to the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Sì" ("Yes"), she finished second behind "Waterloo", sung by Sweden's ABBA.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Luxembourg Hugues Aufray "Dès que le printemps revient" 4 14
02 Netherlands Anneke Grönloh "Jij bent mijn leven" 10 2
03 Norway Arne Bendiksen "Spiral" 8 6
04 Denmark Bjørn Tidmand "Sangen om dig" 9 4
05 Finland Lasse Mårtenson "Laiskotellen" 7 9
06 Austria Udo Jürgens "Warum nur warum?" 6 11
07 France Rachel "Le chant de Mallory" 4 14
08 United Kingdom Matt Monro "I Love the Little Things" 2 17
09 Germany Nora Nova "Man gewöhnt sich so schnell.." 13 0
10 Monaco Romuald "Où sont-elles passées" 3 15
11 Portugal António Calvário "Oração" 13 0
12 Italy Gigliola Cinquetti "Non ho l'età" 1 49
13 Yugoslavia Sabahudin Kurt "Život je sklopio krug" 13 0
14 Switzerland Anita Traversi "I miei pensieri" 13 0
15 Belgium Robert Cogoi "Près de ma rivière" 10 2
16 Spain Tim, Nelly & Tony "Caracola" 12 1

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