Monday, 27 February 2012

1965, Science and Technology: Sony CV-2000 Videocorder

Sony introduced the CV-2000 in 1965 as one of the world's first compact and affordable home video tape recorders. The 'CV' in the model name stood for 'Consumer Video' and was also known as Portapak. The CV-2000 was developed by Sony engineer Nobutoshi Kihara. On its release, each machine cost $695 (+/- €521,6). It used 1⁄2-inch-wide (13 mm) video tape in a reel-to-reel format, meaning the tape had to be manually threaded around the helical scan video head drum. The CV-2000 was one-tenth the weight and price of other analog video recording products of its era like the Philips EL3400 VTR (1964, 1-inch video tape), the Ampex VR 5003 VTR (1964, 1-inch video tape) and the Ampex Signature V (1963, 2-inch video tape, $30,000 (+/- €22515,26).

 Sony CV-2000 Reference Card

The CV-2000 could record television programs in black and white on video tapes with one hour of recording time. Although the CV-2000 was aimed at the home market, it was mainly used for business and educational purposes.

 Sony CV-2000 Ad

Sony CV-2000 Promo

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