Monday, 28 May 2012

1960, Film: Flaming Star

Elvis Presley stars in the 1960 western film “Flaming Star”. The film was directed by Don Siegel and the story was based on the book “Flaming Lance” (1958) by Clair Huffaker. Critics agreed that Presley gave one of his best acting performances as the mixed-blood "Pacer Burton".

Sam Burton's (John McIntire) second wife Neddy (Dolores del Rio) is Indian, their son Pacer (Elvis Presley) a half-breed. As struggle starts between the whites and the Kiowas, the Burton family is split between loyalties. Neddy and Sam are killed; Pacer sides with the Indians, his half-brother Clint (Steve Forrest) with the whites.

Elvis Presley & Barbara Eden

Main cast
  • Elvis Presley as Pacer Burton
  • Barbara Eden as Roslyn Pierce
  • Steve Forrest as Clint Burton
  • Dolores del Río as Neddy Burton
  • John McIntire as Sam Burton
Dolores del Río


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