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1975, Cars: Car of the Year, Citroën CX

The Citroën CX won the Car of the year award in 1975 with 229 points. Twenty years after the legendary ID/DS, Citroën introduced another design surprise. Great looks were again combined with aerodynamics, as was suggested by a name meaning in French penetration coefficient. The improved hydro-pneumatic suspension gave the car superb comfort and body control. Second was the Volkswagen Golf with 164 points and third the Audi 50 with 136 points.

Citroën CX Super (Series I)
Citroën CX Prestige (Series I)
Citroën CX GTI (Series I)
Citroën CX Familiale (Series I)
The CX's flowing lines were designed by auto stylist Robert Opron, based upon its precursor the ID/DS, the sporty SM and the smaller GS. Mechanically, the car was one of the most modern of its time, combining Citroën's unique hydro-pneumatic integral self-levelling suspension, speed-adjustable power steering (first introduced on the Citroën SM), and a unique interior design that did away with steering column stalks, allowing the driver to reach all controls with his or her hands on the steering wheel. The CX suspension was later used under license by Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz.

Citroën CX TRS (Series II)
Available models were a four-door saloon, a break (Familiale), and a long-wheelbase model built on the break chassis (Prestige et Limousine).

Second Place: Volkswagen Golf Mk I
Third Place: Audi 50
Citroën sold nearly 1.2 million CX's during its 15 years of production (1974-1989). There were two generations: Series I (1974-1985) and Series II (1985-1989).

Citroën CX Series I advert
Citroën CX Series I advert

Citroën CX Series II advert

Brochure 1974 (Dutch)
Brochure 1979 (English)
Brochure 1987 (Dutch)

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