Wednesday, 6 June 2012

1965, Cars: Peugeot 204

In 1965 French manufacturer Peugeot introduced the 204. The 204 (Project D12) was available in many body styles including a sedan, cabriolet, coupé, estate, and a van (fourgonette). It was launched in Paris, France on 23 April 1965 and became the best-selling car in France from 1969 to 1971.

The car was designed by Italian designer Battista Pininfarina. It used a front-wheel drive layout and was launched with a 1130 cc gasoline engine. The 204 was the first Peugeot to be equipped with disc brakes.
Peugeot 204 Sedan
Peugeot 204 Cabriolet
Peugeot 204 Coupé
Peugeot 204 Break

Peugeot 204 Advert

From 1965 till 1976, 1,604,296 units were produced.

Brochure 1967 (French)

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