Saturday, 9 June 2012

1966, Fashion: Twiggy, The Face of 1966

In 1966, Lesley Hornby was about to change her name and experienced her first taste of fame which all began on a January afternoon and a trip to Leonard's hair salon in Mayfair.

Young Lesley had her hair coloured and cut by celebrity hairdresser Leonard. The hair stylist was looking for models on whom to try out his new crop haircut and he styled her hair in preparation for a few test head shots. Professional photographer Barry Lategan took several photos for Leonard, which the hairdresser hung in his salon. Deidre McSharry, a fashion journalist from the Daily Express, saw the images and asked to meet the young girl. McSharry arranged to have more photos taken. A few weeks later the publication featured an article and images of Hornby, declaring her "The Face of ’66." In it, the copy read: "The Cockney Kid with a face to launch a thousand shapes ... and she's only 16!" - The Daily Express, 23 February 1966.

And so the Twiggy phenomenon begun. She will always be remembered as the first international supermodel and a fashion icon of the 1960s.
Patrick Macnee & Twiggy

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