Tuesday, 19 June 2012

1970, Cars: Triumph Stag

The Triumph Stag was launched in June 1970 by the Triumph Motor Company (British Leyland). All cars were fitted with the new designed Triumph V8 2997 cc engine.
Triumph Stag Softtop
The car started as a styling experiment by Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti from a 1963 Triumph 2000 pre-production saloon, which had also been styled by Michelotti, and loaned to him by Harry Webster, Director of Engineering at Triumph from the early to late 1960s. Their agreement was that if Webster liked the design, Triumph could use the prototype as the basis of a new Triumph model. Michelotti design won over Webster – and the project was taken over by Triumph for a full in-house development programme. In 1966 work on the car began at Triumph’s headquarters under the project name “Stag”.
Triumph Stag Hardtop
 In total 25,939 cars were produced (1970-1977).
Triumph Stag Press Photo
Triumph Stag Advert
Triumph Stag Top Gear

Triumph Stag Clarkson's Car Years 2000

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