Thursday, 2 August 2012

1969, Film: The Italian Job

The Italian Job is a British comedy action film directed by Peter Collinson. The story was written by Troy Kennedy Martin. Its soundtrack was composed by Quincy Jones, and includes "On Days Like These" sung by Matt Monro over the opening credits, and "Getta Bloomin' Move On" ("The Self Preservation Society") during the car chase with the Mini Coopers. The Main stars were Michael Caine, Noël Coward, Benny Hill, Raf Vallone, Tony Beckley, Maggie Blye and Rossano Brazzi.

Despite the publicity the film would give to the Mini, British Leyland Motor Corporation (BLMC), only provided a token fleet of Minis and the production company had to buy the rest at trade price. Fiat offered the production as many super-charged Fiat cars as they needed, several sports cars for the Mafia confrontation scene, plus $50,000, but the producers turned down the offer because it would have meant replacing the Minis with Fiats.
Michael Caine
Michael Caine & Noël Coward

There have been two remakes of the film. The first, released in 2003, had the same title and was set in Los Angeles with Mark Wahlberg as Charlie Croker. It used the BMW Mini for a chase towards the end. The second was a Bollywood remake called Players, it was released in 2012.
Maggie Blye, Michael Caine & Raf Vallone
Benny Hill

Charlie Croker (Michael Caine) has just left prison, and now wants to do a 'big job'. The job is to steal $4m of gold arriving in Italy from China. Charlie's job needs financing, so he goes to Mr. Bridger (Noël Coward) who is in prison. In Italy, a clever plan is used to distract the authorities, while the raiders make their get-away in three Minis..
Cast with in the back the three Minis

Main Cast
  • Michael Caine as Charlie Croker
  • Noël Coward as Mr. Bridger
  • Benny Hill as Professor Simon Peach
  • Raf Vallone as Altabani
  • Tony Beckley as Camp Freddie
  • Rossano Brazzi as Roger Beckermann
  • Maggie Blye as Lorna
  • Irene Handl as Miss Peach
  • John Le Mesurier as the prison Governor
  • Fred Emney as Birkinshaw
  • John Clive as Garage manager
  • Graham Payn as Keats
  • Michael Standing as Arthur
  • Stanley Caine as Coco
  • Barry Cox as Chris


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