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1962, Cars: Glas S 1004 (Typ 612)

The Glas S 1004, a small two door four seater coupé produced by Hans Glas GmbH at Dingolfing, was introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1961. Production started in May 1962. The car had a water cooled 992 cc engine that delivered 31 kW. Drive was to the rear wheels via a four speed manual transmission.
In 1963 the Glas 1204 had an engine capacity of 1189 cc and claimed maximum power of 39 kW. The larger engined car was a lager saloon but it was also offered as a coupé and as a cabriolet. In November 1963 Glas added twin carburettor versions of both the 992cc and 1189cc engined cars which were branded as the Glas 1004 TS and the Glas 1204 TS. In September 1965 the 1290cc engine from the Glas GT was installed, which now offered maximum power of 62.5 kW and a top speed of 168 km/h. Two fastback bodied estates arrived in August 1966. The estates could be purchased as 1004 CL or 1304 CL.
Glas 1204 Saloon
Glas 1004 Cabriolet 
The coupé was produced from May 1962 until October 1965, the saloon from January 1963 until December 1967, the cabriolet from January 1963 until July 1967, and the estate from September 1966 until 1968. In total 40,703 units were produced.
Glas 1004 Coupé
Glas 1304 CL (Estate)
Brochure Glas 1304 CL 1966 (Dutch)
Brochure Glas 1304 1967 (German)

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