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1963, Television: “The Human Jungle”

"The Human Jungle", a British TV series about a psychiatrist, made for ABC Television by the small production company “Independent Artists” premièred on ITV March 30, 1963. The series was created by Ronald J Khan and produced by Julian Wintle and Leslie Parkyn. The theme music, composed by Bernard Ebbinghouse was recorded by John Barry and his Orchestra. The series starred Herbert Lom as psychiatrist Dr. Roger Corder. A number of guest stars appeared as his patients, including Joan Collins, Jane Merrow, Warren Mitchell, Ian Bannen, Annette Andre and Susan George.

Two series were produced between 1963 and 1964, with a total of 26 episodes. The first series was made at Beaconsfield studios, which closed down causing the second series to be filmed at Elstree Studios.
Herbert Lom as Dr. Roger Corder
Herbert Lom as Dr. Roger Corder and Joan Collins as Liz Kross
Main Cast
  • Herbert Lom as Dr. Roger Corder
  • Michael Johnson as Dr. Jimmy Davis
  • Sally Smith as Jennifer Corder, his teenage daughter
  • Mary Yeomans as Nancy Hamilton, his secretary
  • Mary Steele as Jane Harris, his personal assistant
Herbert Lom as Dr. Roger Corder and Joan Collins as Liz Kross
Most episodes focused on a specific patient, whose psychological ailment Dr. Corder would treat and, invariably, cure...

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