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1975, Film: “Farewell, My Lovely”

On August 8, 1975 "Farewell, My Lovely" premiered. Directed by Dick Richards, the film is based on Raymond Chandler's novel "Farewell, My Lovely" (1940), which had previously been adapted for film as "The Falcon Takes Over" (1942) and “Murder, My Sweet” (1944). Main stars were Robert Mitchum as detective Philip Marlowe and Charlotte Rampling as Helen Grayle. Mitchum would return to the role of Marlowe three years later in a 1978 remake of The Big Sleep.

Philip Marlowe (Robert Mitchum) is hired by Moose Malloy (Jack O'Halloran) to locate his former girl friend Velma, a former dancer at a nightclub. Marlowe finds that once he has taken the case, events put him in dangerous situations, and he is forced to follow a trail of double-crosses before he is able to locate Velma...
Robert Mitchum
Charlotte Rampling
Robert Mitchum and Charlotte Rampling
Main Cast
  • Robert Mitchum as Philip Marlowe
  • Charlotte Rampling as Helen Grayle
  • Sylvester Stallone as Jonnie
  • John Ireland as Lt. Nulty
  • Sylvia Miles as Jessie Halstead Florian
  • Anthony Zerbe as Laird Brunette
  • Harry Dean Stanton as Detective Billy Rolfe
  • Jack O'Halloran as Moose Malloy
  • Joe Spinell as Nick, Brunette's thug
  • Kate Murtagh as Frances Amthor
  • John O'Leary as Lindsay Marriott
  • Walter McGinn as Tommy Ray
  • Jim Thompson as Judge Baxter Wilson Grayle
Robert Mitchum and Jack O'Halloran
Robert Mitchum


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