Sunday, 10 February 2013

1971, Television: “Keromar”

This Belgian/Flemish BRT (now VRT) television series was broadcast for the first time on Wednesday 24 February 1971. The series, produced by Rik Van den Abbeele, was directed by Senne Rouffaer. Writer Louis De Groof, who also wrote "Captain Zeppos" and "Axel Nort", based "Keromar" on the hippie culture and the "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy by Tolkien.

The Kerts are a peaceful people living in Neropal. One day their existence is brutally disturbed with the arrival of the aggressive Bolts, they intend to conquer Neropal. One Kert, Timbal, who possesses an arrow which never misses its target, plans to stop the Bolts...
Janine Bischops, Senne Rouffaer and Mike Verdrengh
Mike Verdrengh and Annelies Vaes
  • Mike Verdrengh as Timbal
  • Chris Lomme as Rikki
  • Annelies Vaes as Ismel
  • Senne Rouffaer as Goerki
  • Ann Petersen as Gwin
  • Jan Pauwels as Assam
  • Nand Buyl as Kelpie
  • Jan Decleir as Odo
  • Rik Andries as Ostrik
  • Janine Bischops as Rinda
  • Ronny Waterschoot as Obigal
  • Marc Bober as Wallimir
  • Jeanine Schevernels as Toela
  • Alex Wilequet as Alverik
  • Gerda Marchand as Orna

Keromar DVD release Press Presentation ("De Rode Loper", VRT, 2009)

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