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1973, Cars: Volkswagen Passat (Typ 32/33 B1)

German car manufacturer Volkswagen introduced the Passat (Dasher in the US) in 1973. Initially four body types (Typ 32) were marketed, two- and four-door fastback sedans and three- and five door hatchbacks. Externally all four shared a design styled by the Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. The name derives from the German word for trade wind (Passat), subsequently Volkswagen named most vehicles after prominent winds, including Golf (after the Gulf stream), Jetta (after Jet stream), and Scirocco (after Sirocco).
Volkswagen Passat B1 3-doors (Typ 32) 1974
Volkswagen Passat B1 5-doors (Typ 32) 1974
The first Passat was a fastback version of the mechanically identical Audi 80 sedan, introduced a year earlier. A five-door station wagon (Variant, Typ 33) was introduced in 1974. The Passat was intended as a replacement for the Volkswagen Typ 3 (Volkswagen 1500/1600) and Typ 4 (Volkswagen 411/412).
Volkswagen Passat B1 5-doors (Typ 32) 1974
Volkswagen Passat B1 Variant (Typ 33) 1974
The Passat originally used 4L OHC 1.3 l (40 kW) and 4L 1.5 l (55 kW or 63 kW) petrol engines also used in the Audi 80. Front-wheel drive, with either a four-speed manual transmission or three-speed automatic. The Passat was, after the K70, the second Volkswagen with a front-mounted engine, water cooling and front wheel drive.
Volkswagen Passat B1 3-doors (Typ 32) 1977
Volkswagen Passat B1 5-doors (Typ 32) 1977
Volkswagen Passat B1 Variant (Typ 33) 1977
In August 1975 the 4L 1.5 was enlarged to 1.6 l with unchanged power ratings and slightly higher torque ratings. In July 1978 the Passat Diesel became available, equipped with the 1.5 l Diesel engine from the Golf (37 kW). In February 1979 a fuel-injected 1.6 l version became available, the Passat GLI.
Volkswagen Passat B2 3-doors (Typ 32B) 1981
The car received a facelift in 1977, featuring an upgraded interior with new dashboard, repositioned indicators and new bumpers. The Passat B1 was succeeded by the Passat B2 (Typ 32B) in 1981. The B1 remained in production in Brazil at the São Bernardo do Campo plant until 1988.
Volkswagen Passat B1 (Typ 32) Dutch Advert

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