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1969, Cars: Ford Capri

The Ford Capri was introduced in January 1969 at the Brussels Motor Show. The new fastback coupé was mechanically based on the Cortina and built in Europe at the Dagenham and Halewood plants in the United Kingdom, the Genk plant in Belgium, and the Saarlouis and Cologne plants in Germany. Initially the car was named Colt but Ford was unable to use the name as it was trademarked by Mitsubishi. The Capri name was previously used for the Ford Consul Capri (1961-1962) produced by Ford of Britain. The new Capri was, after the Escort, the second Ford produced by Ford of Europe (1967).
Ford Capri MkI 1969
Ford Capri MkI 1969
Ford Capri MkI 1969
Ford Capri MkI 1972 (Facelift)
The Capri MkI was available with a variety of engines. The continental model used the Ford Taunus V4 engine in 1.3, 1.5 and 1.7 L engine displacement, while the British versions were powered by the Ford Kent (Anglia/Cortina) straight-4 in 1.3 and 1.6 L form. The British Ford Essex V4 engine 2.0 L & German Cologne V6 2.0 L were the top of the range engines. At the end of 1969 new sports versions were added: the German 2300 GT using a double carburettor with 92 kW, and the British 3000 GT with the Essex V6 engine with 103 kW. In April 1970 the Capri was also sold in North America, South Africa and Australia. These versions used the British Kent 1.6 engine. In 1972 the Capri MkI received a new and more comfortable suspension, an updated front, enlarged tail-lights and new seats.
Ford Capri MkII 1974
In February 1974, the Capri II was introduced. The new car had a shorter bonnet, larger cabin and a hatchback rear door. Ford offered 1.3-litre (40 kW), 1.6-litre (53 kW), 1.6-litre GT (65 kW), or 2.0-litre (73 kW), 2.3-litre (79 kW), and 3.0-litre V6 engines.
Ford Capri MkIII 1978
The Capri Mk III was introduced in 1978. At launch the existing engine and transmission combinations of the Capri II were carried over, with the 3.0 S model regarded as the most desirable model although the softer Ghia derivative with automatic, rather than manual transmission, was the bigger seller of the two V6-engined models.The last Capri was made on 19 December 1986. A total of 1,886,647 cars were produced.

Advert Ford Capri MkI (Australia, 1969)

Two adverts Ford Capri MkI (UK and France, 1969)

Ford Capri MkI introduction at the Brussels Mptor Show (1969)

Advert Ford Capri MkII (UK, 1974)

Advert Ford Capri MkII (UK, 1974)

Advert Ford Capri MkII (Germany, 1974)

Advert Ford Capri MkIII (UK, 1981)
Brochure Ford Capri MkI (Norway, 1969)
Brochure Ford Capri MkII (Norway, 1976)
Brochure Ford Capri MkIII (Germany, 1983)

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