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1967, Cars: Matra (Simca) M530

French car maker Matra introduced their new sports car, the Matra Sports M530A, on March 7, 1967 at the Geneva Motor Show. It was the first fully new car developed by Matra Sports. It's predecessor, the Matra Djet, had been designed by René Bonnet as the René Bonnet Djet. The new Matra, named after Matra's R530 missile, was designed by former Simca designer Philippe Guédon.

The M530 had a steel frame with polyester body and a mid-engine, resulting a 2+2 layout with a reasonable boot. Various engines were tested (Renault Cléon-Alu engine (R16), VW 1500 engine (Type 3), BMW M10 engine (Neue Klasse 1800), Simca 1500 engine,...) and finally Matra decided to use the 1699 cc Ford V4 engine with 51 kW from the Ford Taunus 15M/17M combined with the gearbox from the Ford Taunus 15M (P6). The M530 had a targa roof and pop-up headlights. The engine bay was accesible by removing the rear acrylic window.
Predecessor: Matra Djet
Matra M530a
In 1969 the M530 followed the same evolution as the Ford Taunus 15M TS, power was increased to 55 kW. In 1970 the M530 gets a minor redesign by Michelotti with a new front bumper and rear hatch made of glass opening with struts. The car was renamed as Matra Simca M530LX because Matra closed a deal with Chrysler Europe, to sell their cars through the Simca dealer network.
Matra Simca M530LX
Matra Simca 530SX
Matra Simca 530SX and Matra Simca 530LX
In 1971 a budget version is introduced as the Matra Simca 530SX. The M530SX has no targa roof and no pop-up headlights, instead there were four fixed headlights. The SX was only available in orange and white with black bumpers instead of chrome bumpers. In 1973 the M530 was replaced by the Matra-Simca Bagheera with Simca engine. A total of 9,609 M530's were produced: 2062 Matra Sports M530A, 4731 Matra Simca M530LX and 1146 Matra Simca 530SX.

BRT Autorama (1970): Matra Simca 530LX, song "Viva el amor" in English by Will Tura
Matra M530, France (1968)
Matra Simca M530lx, France (1972)

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