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1970, Cars: Toyota Carina (A10)

In December 1970 Japanese carmaker Toyota introduced the Toyota Carina on the home market. Its European release took place in October 1971. The new car shared its platform with the Toyota Celica. The Carina filled the size gap between the smaller Corolla and the larger Corona.

Toyota Carina 4-door (EU, 1970)
Toyota Carina 4-door (EU, 1970)
Toyota Carina 4-door (EU, 1972)
Toyota Carina 4-door (UK, 1974)
The Carina A10 was offered with two engine choices: a 1407 cc or 1588 cc engine. Available body styles were a 2 or 4-door sedan (A12 or A14) and a 2-door hardtop coupé (A15 or A17). The car had very distinctive taillights and was offered with the inclusion in the price of reclining seats with built-in head restraints, radio, clock, reversing lights and servo-assistance on the brakes, these features tended to be options at extra cost by other manufacturers.
Toyota Carina 2-door (US, 1972)
Toyota Carina 2-door (US, 1972)
Toyota Carina 2-door (EU, 1974)
In 1972 the Carina was revised with a restyled body, new rear light cluster, filler cap repositioned in the rear quarter panel and a restyled front grille. Another facelift followed in 1974 including a sealed cooling system, improved brakes, restyled wheels with flared wheel arches and restyled interior fittings. In December 1975 a break version (called Van) was available in Japan. Production ended in 1977 with the introduction of Toyota Carina A40.
Toyota Carina coupé (EU, 1972)
Toyota Carina Van (Japan, 1975)
Successor: Toyota Carina A40 (EU, 1977)

Toyota Carina Advert (Japan, 1972)
Toyota Carina (Japan, 1972)
Toyota Carina Hardtop Coupé (Japan, 1973)

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