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1961, Cars: Citroën Ami 6

The Citroën Ami 6 was introduced at the Paris Salon in October 1960. It was launched in April 1961. Citroën was responding to a market need for a vehicle larger and less basic than the 2CV but smaller than the upmarket ID/DS. The Ami 6 was a re-bodied 2CV with a larger engine 602 cc air cooled two-cylinder engine which was also offered at extra cost in the 2CV from 1961.
The Ami 6 was one of the first (together with the 1961 Ford Taunus) vehicles fitted with rectangular (as opposed to round) headlamps. The first model is distinguished by an unusual reverse-raked rear window, similar to the rear screen fitted to the 1959 Ford Anglia 105E. The bonnet design had a  'aesthetically challenged' dip.
Citroën Ami 6 Berline
Citroën Ami 6 Berline
Citroën Ami 6 Berline
Citroën Ami 6 Berline Club
Citroën Ami 6 Break
A Break version was launched in September 1964, it looked less unconventional than the Berline and was also used as the basis for the Service van in 1965. The Ami 6 was replaced by the Ami 8 in 1969. Production of the Ami 6 (Berline/Break/Service van) totalled 1,039,384 units.
Citroën Ami 8 Berline

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