Monday, 24 September 2012

1965, News: The End for Oorderen

In 1965 Oorderen, a small Belgian village near the city of Antwerp was demolished because of the extension of the Port of Antwerp. The village, first mentioned in 1116, merged with the city of Antwerp in 1927. In its place came the General Motors factory aka as Opel Antwerp (closed on Friday 17 December 2010). On of the last buildings to be demolished was the church, on 24 October 1965 the church tower was pulled down. Oorderen disappeared with three other villages Wilmarsdonk, Oosterweel and Lillo.
Floating Bridge
View of the village
The "Zandstraat" (Sand Street)
The Town Hall ( in the back the Church with spire)
The Church (without the spire)
View on the dike
Demolition of the Church (1965)
The Church

A nostalgic report of the last wedding celebrated in the Town Hall and Church of Oorderen,

while the bulldozers already arrive to destroy. (BRT/VRT 1965)

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