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1976, Cars: Car of the Year: Simca 1307-1308

The Simca 1307-1308 won the Car of the year award in 1976 with 192 points. Second was the BMW 316-320 (E21) with 144 points and third the Renault 30 TS with 107 points.
The Simca 1307 was the second new car produced by Chrysler Europe, it was launched in July 1975. As a modern front-wheel drive hatchback, it was one of the first such cars in that class, along with the Volkswagen Passat. It had been in development since 1972. The model was sold under a variety of names: Simca 1307 (1.3 litre), 1308 (1.4 litre) and 1309 (1.6 litre) (France), Chrysler Alpine (Ireland, the UK and New Zealand), Chrysler 150 (Spain) and Dodge Alpine (Colombia).
Simca 1307-1308
Simca 1309
In 1978, Chrysler Europe was sold for a nominal US$1 to Peugeot, who took on the liability for the division's huge debts as well as its factories and product line, with the former Chrysler models in Britain and Simca models in France both using the resurrected Talbot marque. The model was renamed Talbot 1510 / Talbot Alpine / Talbot 150 and Talbot Solara (the saloon version).
Talbot 1510
Talbot Solara
Styled by Roy Axe, the Simca 1307, along with the recently introduced Volkswagen Passat, was one of several full-size European family hatchbacks inspired by the Renault 16 that had defined the sector back in 1965.
French manufacturing ended in 1985. In the United Kingdom the last cars were re-badged as the Rapier and Minx and in 1986 production ceased, with the Talbot marque being shelved soon afterwards on all passenger vehicles.
Second Place BMW 316-320 (E21)
Third Place Renault 30 TS

Chrysler Alpine pre launch presentation with slides

Simca 1307/1308 French Ad

Talbot 150 Spanish Ad (weird commercial because the car is a Chrysler)

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