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1966, Cars: Car of the Year, Renault 16

The Renault 16 won the Car of the year award in 1966 with 98 points. To replace a rear-drive car of limited success, the Frégate, Régie Nationale gave front wheel drive (with gearbox in front end, as in the R4) to its new top of range. The unusual design by Philippe and Gaston Juchet Charbonneaux, and very determining for looks, was the rear hatch access to load area. 5-door body, 4.23 m long. Independent suspension at 4 wheels. 4-speed manual or 3-speed auto transmission. OHV 4-cylinder 1.5 (55 hp) and 1.6 (83) engines. Second was the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow with 81 points and third the Oldsmobile Toronado with 59 points.
Renault 16 1965
Renault 16 range 1974
 Over 1,845,959 R16s were produced during a production which lasted for some 15 years. Series production started in March 1965 and lasted until 1980 when it was finally replaced by the less successful Renault 20. Even by this stage, when it was nearly 15 years old, the Renault 16 was still one of the most popular cars on sale in Europe. By the time the Renault 16 ceased production most other European manufacturers had at least one hatchback on sale. At the time Renault had six hatchbacks on sale, the R4, R5, R6, R14, R20 and R30.
Second Place Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
Third Place Oldsmobile Toronado
Renault 16, 1969 USA Advert

Renault 16 TS 1970s French Advert

Renault 16 TX 1970s French Advert

Renault 16 1975 French Advert

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